LG Elites

At LG Drama, Laura and her team of experienced industry professionals love the performing arts. Our passion, training, dedication and experience all combine to mean we can offer engaging, fun sessions that will help you develop your skills, experience and confidence on and off the stage!

Performance opportunities, including our big annual shows and much more await you.

Drama Students

Muscial Theatre is a fantastic opportunity for anybody aged 4 to 400 seeking to develop their preformance skills, keep active, make friends, find their confidence or just have fun! Anybody can take part and become part of welcoming and enthusiastic group of performers and friends.

When are the classes?

Musical Theatre classes currently run on Thursday afternoons and evenings at both the Royal National College (4:00 and 5:15) and The Courtyard (7:15).

How much does it cost?

Musical Theatre sessions are available in 12-week blocks for all age groups. The prices below are for entire blocks.

  • Infants (4 - 8 years): £60 per block

  • Youth (9 -16 years): £63 per block

  • Adults (over 16s): £68 per block

Do I need to bring anything?

Please bring a water bottle with you, as it's important to stay well hydrated! It's also a good idea to come wearing clothing you can move freely in and not get too hot - and sensible foortwear! You will also need to bring a smile and your best set of jazz hands.

If there is anything else you would like to know or would like to make enquiries about any of Laura's classes you can contact her directly below for further information.