LAMDA awards are ideal for any child with an interest in drama, performance and public speaking. These nationally recognised, accredited awards will boost your child's confidence, hone their performance skills and prvide them with a firm foundation in theatre.


The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) is one of the UK’s oldest and most respected awarding organisations in drama and performance. It offers practical exams for all ages in performance and communication skills. Children can take exams from entry level to Grade 8 in:

  • Acting

  • Reading for performace

  • Speaking verse and prose

  • Miming

  • Devising drama

  • Speaking in public

  • Musical theatre

What is LAMDA?

LG LAMDA is now able to offer children and young people between the ages of 5 and 18 across Herefordshire the opportunity to achieve success in nationally accredited drama and performance qualifications. Recognised by both academic institutions and industry professionals, LAMDA awards will enable your child to learn from professional coaches in order to progress and develop their performance skills and understanding. LAMDA awards are ideal for any child with an interest in drama, performance and public speaking. Working with LG LAMDA will also boost your child's confidence at the same time as developing and refining their skills and abilities in performance and providing them with a firm foundation in theatre arts.

What happens in the exams?

LAMDA examinations improve communication skills, increase self-confidence and help develop social skills. The range of exams offers something for every learner and is widely recognised, with the higher grades earning students UCAS points for university entry. The exams are comprised of two elements: Firstly the student will perform either an acted monologue/duologue, recite a poem or piece of prose, present a speech on a chosen subject, or perform a mimed scene, depending on what exam they have chosen to enter.

What happens next?

The number and types of pieces in the performance element change depending on the grade being taken.

After the performance the student will then have a short discussion with the examiner. This discussion also changes depending on the grade with entry level students answering questions about their favourite toy to Grade 8 students discussing acting technicalities and theories. The student then receives a written report and mark: pass, merit or distinction. LAMDA exams are a great way to measure improvement and development, and to recognize students’ achievements in speech and drama.

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